Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Favorite Music Video

I intend to post here the trailer of the sequel of the twilight saga but I can't seem to download it since the computer I'm using has lost some of its plug-ins. Tapos there are a lot of Twilight official movie trailer na nakapost sa youtube kaya I need to post the music video that I also like. This song comes from the phenomenal foreign alternative band Coldplay. Nagustuhan ko siya dahil kakaiba and interesting yung concept ng video and at the same time yung song. It's The Scientist na essentially tackles about love of a scientist to her girl that he can leave his profession just for the girl. The video is somewhat very scientific in nature since it explores the idea of space-and-time continuum. The video started from the ending of the story where the girl was supposed to be dead. The interesting part was that even though the story was portrayed ng pabalik, yung pagkanta ng singer ay paforward making it really hard to imagine how the director has done that. All in all, i give a two thumbs up sa video and it really is among many videos that would reflect on my favorite list